Rhino 64 bit crashes on open (solved)

I noticed that the latest windows 7 update creates some kind of problem with the section tools plugin for rhino 64 bit, not letting rhino open w/o crashing. Thanks to Pascal for the advice: Open in safe mode, uncheck the plugins (and uninstall).

@rajaa - just checking - are you aware of this problem with Section tools? It seems OK here.



I am not aware of it. Can you @pascal please file a bug for it?

This problem still persists, this time with another computer, with same specs though. I double click the Rhino 64 bit icon and…crash. All plugins that don’t ship with rhino have been unchecked in safe mode in the enabled list under Options> Plugins. The last thing I did was install evolute tools, which after deleting all files, I don’t see a way to fully uninstall. Am I the only one experiencing this? Is it definitely a plugin issue?