Rhino 5 64-bit Crashes Immediately Upon Opening



I recently had to reinstall Rhino 5 on my PC, and now when I attempt to open the 64-bit application it closes suddenly as soon as it opens. My machine has a 64-bit operating system, so I don’t know why the problem only occurs when opening the 64-bit version. I have tried opening Rhino (64-bit) in Safe Mode, but the problem remains. I have tried disabling all plugins that do not ship with Rhino (Grasshopper, Vray, Weaverbird) but this doesn’t work either. Does anybody know what could be wrong?

Bill Bodell

(Brian James) #2

Hi Bill,

Was something not working right which led you to reinstall rhino 5 x64? My first thought is that this something might still be wrong or now worse. If you are sure it’s not a plugin related issue by blocking the loading of any in safe mode, I would next make sure your Windows is up to date with any patches/service releases. If that still doesn’t fix the Rhino install. I would put the install disk in again and choose the repair option when the installer starts. If after that you still can’t run Rhino 5 x64, please look at this page http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/installproblems#rhino_v5_64-bit_will_not_run_but_v5_32-bit_will is that the error you are getting?

Please chat with us on Rhino3d.com or email tech@mcneel.com too and we can manually control your machine through the teamviewer app located here http://www.rhino3d.com/support if none of this helps.