Sweep 3 Rails

Hey all,

i know, we already discussed about multiSweep, but i don’t see any development in this direction.
However, i’m sure it’s a must have tool.

Please watch video, and tell me if this tool is useless.
We can’t do the same with any rhino tools, neither with sweep, neither with network.

that’s just simple, powerful and effective, why we don’t see that in rhino 6 ?


Great. It would be more logical to develop a “multisweep” command, as I have been asking for several years … Needless to make a command for 3 sweeps, then they will need 4, then 5, etc.
Solidthinking, for example, has such a tool; will it serve something? or not?
Mcneel is now busy developing visualizations and rendering: no surfaces and editing, unfortunately!


Also, Moi, little by little is becoming a great software. It does not have as many tools as Rhino, but those few work and are developed to benefit from surfaces and editing. It costs much less than Rhino!

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i will be already happy with only Sweep 3 :grinning:

But i just would like to ear someone from mcneel, what can we expect ?
Do you plan to work on something like this ?

Totally agree !

If I’m not mistaken, Rhino can not sweep a closed curve with open curves (in this MOI example it is possible).
Why not give this chance? The sweep command is a little restrictive, not flexible …
Something should be improved in this sense …
What do you think?

@davide76 : it seems we are alone on the spot …

Sometimes silence is more explicit than an answer

we are just me and you, better few but good …
This sweep does not want to improve … it will be our dream … :wink:

it’s a wish for rhino…
Dream come true on many others programs, i’ll just continue to switch between them… unfortunately.

consoled, it’s been several years for me to ask for a useful “multiblend” (like that of VSR). Still nothing…

Be a visionary is not available to everyone :wink:

Not sure if sweep 3 would be enough… as you said. probably need 4,5,etc… but at that point making your own cross sections with things like orient or just doing loft I guess.

I really wish the multiblend was there.
Find a somewhat good way to tackle it but still some parts are not continuous…

As for rendering, personally I appreciate mcneel putting efforts to it.
Rhino render with CPU rendering was becoming quite slow and I was looking into plugins and also blender cycles.
If I had my wish I’d just get keyshot and something like vray, but need to save up for V6 license! whenever that maybe…
Also rendering stuff gets on bug fix list, but I’m sure other important items are being taking care of too and with more resources.
or am believing so.

All we can do is to feedback good ideas and bugs to make it better.
At least I don’t know any other with such as good support. I’d never been able to get a dime off of my 3D skills before if it wasn’t for this forum.=)
Still struggling but getting better at least.

Here’s a crazy command I like to use.


Toshiaki, I agree on almost everything.
Let’s imagine we have to make a shape like the one in the picture. With a “multisweep” tool it would be easy, there are 4 blue tracks, and two closed sections.
To do this with Rhino you have to break all the curves, do it for parts.
Solidthinking, for example, does it with a click.
After almost 6 versions of Rhino, about 30 years of uninterrupted development, I think the time has come to provide Rhino with certain tools (multisweep and multiblend in particular).

Moi is in the right direction, Rhino is coming out of the way a little, wants to do it all! (in my opinion).

Try to do this with Rhino …

Why? I usually try to model things that can be manufactured and are nice-looking.

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Never tried Solidthinking so I don’t know how the UI is… but wouldn’t hurt to do with just a click :slight_smile::

I’d like to rewrite the sweep command. It needs to be enhanced for cases like these, a unique sweep command that works for 1,2,3, etc, rail, as many other modelers have been doing for years.

@schultzeworks network produce only one continuous surface , try to put some polycurves as rails or profiles , and you will see the limit of your crazy tool.

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Exactly. That is my number one rule when modelling. Keep the curves simple and clean – and the surfaces you generate will also be simple and clean. If you don’t work this way, by the time you get around to shelling out wall thicknesses and edge fillets, your ‘model’ will fall apart from all of the errors and exploding fillets.

A single surface is still editable; you can turn on control points and continue making changes. Its a damn good workflow.

Show me a cool design / surface that uses a random assortment of organic control points curves and jagged poly-curves. I’ll change my mind.

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