Rhino 6 Wish: polygonal detail views in layout

Sometimes in layout editing I would like to create polygonal viewports to “cut” with more flexibility the shown model.
Is there a chance to see it in R6?

This is a pretty old wishlist item
I don’t think this is going to be implemented for V6 as there are a large number of layout issues/wishes that should be handled at once and a project of that size is too big based on where we are in the V6 development lifecycle.

There is a simple workaround for this… see

BTW, the link to this tip is on the Rhino splash screen.

I did not try the workaround but seems like it would not work if one was trying to do more ‘nested’ layout of non-rectangular viewports where the viewport boxes overlap. For that you would need true shape clipped views.

Try it… you can use a solid hatch or trimmed surface in layout space.

I wish for this as well.
Both as a polygon, and as a circle.

Maybe a “clipping mask” could be added with out too much trouble?

We often need to add a white hatch under title blocks, and this is a bit troublesome because of draw orders when printing and organizing those white hatches.