Polygon shaped detail views


Is that possible to create detail views with a custom polygon line? This has a lot of benefits to cover unwanted areas in plan.

Like this:


Not currently. I know non-rectangular details have been wished for before though. Your best bet at this point is multiple details, or if that doesn’t get you what you are after, using a solid hatch with white print color in layout space to mask out the areas you don’t want (for instance if you are trying to fake a circular detail).

I hope Rhino will have this ability in the future. In my work, I often have to almost ‘sculpt’ the viewports to maximize the page. There’s nothing I hate more than getting a 16 page set of drawings that could be 4 pages with a bit of page management - but good page management assumes the ability to manipulate viewports beyond the single rectangle shape. The attached drawing has been knocked down to a JPG with title blocks deleted and I’ve thickened the lines dividing viewports to illustrate what I mean.

You can overlap details to get something similar to what you are after in the above example. The trick is just to always leave a spot for each detail which has no overlap so you can double click into it.

Yes, before AutoCAD LT had polygonal viewports that was the trick - leave a bit of overlap.
But if you’ll look at the large viewport to the left and the polygonal viewport to the right you’ll see why that can’t be done in this situation. If I’m limited to rectangles I can have the left viewport or the right viewport but not both. The L shape of the right viewport is what’s maximizing my page real estate here.

Hi All,
Thanks for the feature request. I looked into this one and it has been filed a few times as RH-2254, RH-2952 and RH-2574. These are not publicly visible requests at this time. I’ll nudge them all and link to this thread.

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Is there still no way to make a detail that is not a rectangle? if I want a circular detail can that be done??? I hope so.

Also interested in how to mask out an area behind a detail if there is overlap? Thanks

Not as far as I know…

Maybe have a look at HideInDetail and ShowInDetail commands…? --Mitch

It seems that hide in detail, hides the whole object or dimension. I am just interested in showing an overlapping detail and not showing what is behind it. I really wish rhino would improve their layouts… they are so far behind other programs…

really wow I find it hard to believe that a circular detail isn’t possible? that’s a shame. Its been two years since this was brought up… :frowning:

Is this still not resolved?

It’s such a basic function, and for an amazing program such as Rhino not to have a necessary part of drafting tools is a wonder.

Please include this in the next release/update!!! :slight_smile:



You can simualate a circular detail by creating a circular shape with a white hatch in it – as a mask.

i’d appreciate polygonal details. is there any development on that?
i know the workarounds. but they make layouting complicated.

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Any movement on this? Many years later…….

At the moment, it’s part of @stevebaer’s list of things to look at for Rhino 7.

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This also explains the hatch workaround…

Yes, thanks, but there’s a limited application of that. There are things only a custom shaped detail can achieve. But I appreciate the info.

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Is it possible to make it in the latest WIP ?