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I seen a couple videos about RhinoCycles on YouTube. I downloaded the Rhino 6 WIP and selected RhinoCycles as the current renderer. When I hit the Render button a new window titled RhinoCycles pops up, but it is black. In the bottom left hand corner of the window it says Cycles render ready. Is there any information on how to use RhinoCycles?

Link to YouTube videos:

Too Cool! I have gone to the Whats New link that you posted earlier but the download button takes me to the overall download page that you mentioned where there is no sign of WIP 6. What is the secret handshake?

Link is working now. Big download but can’t wait. Thanks to all.

Then toggle CPU instead of CUDA
And render

By the way what graphiccard do you have?

Thanks Holo, I’ll give it try.

GeForce GTX 460 on my office computer and GTX 660 on my home computer (I think, I’ll check for sure when I get home).

That’s a bummer it couldn’t use my GTX 460. I’ll try it on the other card when I get home.

CUDA 2.0 and up is supported by Cycles. Your GTX 460 should be able to support that according this page.

Interestingly enough my GeForce GT 420 works just fine. Assuming it really is a GT 420 - my dev machine I use for RhinoCycles development isn’t custom build, so I can’t be sure what’s really in it. This reminds me I should add a command for users to use, so I can get more info on cards easier.

Doesn’t the OpenGL page in the options dialog gives us that information?

I meant the render devices that Cycles can see.

I’ve added now a command called RhinoCycles_ListDevices. It should be available in the next WIP update.

Hi, I’ve posted about a diagnostics program. Could you please try the steps and post in that thread the created files?



Hi Nathan,
I ran your diagnostics program and uploaded the results to the thread you linked to.

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Hi Nathan,
I have two GTX cards in my home computer. RhinoCycles is only using one of them. Is it possible to use multiple GPU’s with RhinoCyles?

What does RhinoCycles_ListDevices give you? If your WIP has RhinoCycles_ShowDeviceCapabilities, then please attach results for that as well.

In theory multi-device rendering is supported, I can test and work on that once I have access to such a machine. I’ll poke @andy about that :smile:


Hi Nathan,
I’ll check it out when I get home tonight and report back.

Another good test would be to see if Blender shows the two cards as a ‘multi-device’.


I checked Blender when I noticed RhinoCycles was only using one card. Blender did use both cards.

Thanks for checking. That means I’ll have to get my hands on a system with two cards at some point. It is on my todo list to get multi device working too.


Here are the results from Command: RhinoCycles_ListDevices
We have 4 devices

Device 0: CPU > Intel Core i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz > 0 | False | True | False | CPU
Device 1: CUDA_MULTI_0 > GeForce GTX 660 + 960 > 0 | False | True | False | Multi
Device 2: CUDA_0 > GeForce GTX 960 > 0 | False | True | False | CUDA
Device 3: CUDA_1 > GeForce GTX 660 > 1 | False | True | False | CUDA

Cool, thanks! I no see how to improve this. Two changes I will make. Firstly use first CUDA device, even if it is multi. And secondly add a command to choose rendering device.