Rhino and Windows 10 on Macbook Pro Retina via bootcamp

hello…i am trying to make a project for my university that i am currently studying as an architect and when i enter in rendered viwport on rhino evrything is getting stuck and sometimes rhino crashes…can someone help me ? any advice is welcome and accepted!thanks

Most likely it is related to bootcamp display drivers.
See if Apple has a bootcamp update for you computer.

What display adapter is in your MBP?

Hi Chris - can you check if ‘Skylight’ in set to on in the Lights panel, and if so, if turning that off for Rendered makes any difference?


first of all thank you for your reply both…my MBP specs is retina display quad i7-4850 2.3ghz with 16 gb ram and 2gb vram on geforce 750m

cant find skylight…where is it?

Hi Chris - open the Lights panel (Panels menu > Lights) and with Rendered the active display mode, see if Skylight is set - if so, uncheck that and see if it makes any difference - somewhat I shot in the dark, so to speak, but worth a try in diagnosing the problem.


there is not any skylight option…only sunlight

Hi Chris - hmmm - you do not see this?:

Can you please look in Options > View > Display modes > Rendered and hit the ‘Restore defaults’ button?

Any different?


nop…only sun…

Hi Chris - what version of Rhino are you running? Service release, I mean - (Help > About Rhinoceros)


hi Pascal…this is the info about my Rhino version…

Version 5 SR13 32-bit
(5.13.60913.21340, 9/13/2016)
SN: 4-1500-1308-100-0003909-30996

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OK, thanks- that looks fine, I was wondering if perhaps you’d installed an ancient version from a DVD and not the latest. I do not know why Skylight would not turn up, let alone why it’s crashing, - @BrianJ - any idea, shouldn’t Skylight always be present by default? In any case, make sure the drivers are the latest as John mentioned above.


@pascal The Skylight won’t be in the Lights panel if a Render engine other than Rhino Render is set as the current renderer in the Render drop down menu, e.g. Brazil or Maxwell would control the skylight in their own options.

Is that it?