Rhino 6 WIP and Rhino 5.5 simultanious use

Can we no longer run two sessions of Rhino on one machine. I use to work on the older beta’s by having the current version of Rhino and the WIP operating at the same time. This way I could swap work between and see where problems existed in the WIP v current version.

Have you tried it? I’m pretty sure you can.

Keep in mind, though, that there is no longer a Rhino 6 WIP, only Released versions and Release Candidates. You will need to purchase an upgrade from Rhino 5 (or a full license) for Rhino 6, after which you will be able to download and try out the Rhino 7 WIP.

You might also want to consider upgrading your Rhino 5.5 to the last release, which is, I believe, 5.13.

I believe this was a Mac question.

Sorry. I didn’t recognize that.

Seeing the same behavior as @jenesisjoules

Trying to launch the V6 WIP with V5.5.1 already running results in this dialog box:

Same result trying to launch V5.5.1 with the WIP already running (except icon in dialog box is different):

I didn’t use any of the prior versions, so I don’t know if this differs from past behavior.

This is by design. (Quite a while back - 5 years ago? - we used to allow this, but it proved to be problematic).

Yep, it would be a good while since I was involved with a beta. Shame as I was able to do proper work whilst trialling the beta. Not so easy if you have to close and open each session. Out of interest does this restriction also apply to a local network using two Macs ?

Sorry for the delayed reply. The answer is “No.”