Rhino 6 Wierd Hatch

(Fazal Ahmed) #1

Hi I’ve been trying out Rhino 6 for a while. Just noticed few bugs. First it had some problem with snapping the control points. Now that has gone after 2 updates, it has some weird hatch errors. The hatches from Rhino 5 are showing like boxes in Rhino 6.


Can you post a “weird hatch” sample? Something that is OK in V5 but not in V6? --Mitch

(Fazal Ahmed) #3

Tron Legacy Rh5.3dm (443.5 KB)


Yeah, that definitely qualifies as “weird”… Looks like the hatches are losing their trim boundary, and on top of that they are difficult to select… No idea why though. I think a developer will need to have a look - @John_Brock can you check and send this to the right person?


(John Brock) #5

Got it, thanks
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