Hatching is not displaying in Rhino 6 (windows)

I have recently downloaded rhino 6 and cannot view some of the hatches. If I select the layer that I have hatched it does actually select a hatch but it is not visible. I already have some other hatches on other layers and these show up. The curves are all planar and closed and all the display settings are the same for all layers. I have taken the curves back in to rhino 5 and the hatches are working. Is there a bug in rhino 6 as to why the hatches are no longer working?

I forgot to add that I have tried this in wireframe, render and shaded view and the hatch is still not visible.

Hello - can you please export some of the working and not-working hatches to a new file, verify the problem still shows with the new file and post it here or send to tech@mcneel.com? Someone will take a look.