V6 - hatch graphic bug?


i would like to ask - what it the “ghosts” left on sreen? It takes hatches by manipulation…

Hello - I’m not sure what I’m looking for - there should always be a grayed-out image of the original objects when you drag them - that’s not what you mean is it? The animated gif is going to cause seizures if I look at it any more…


I think the translation for some of the highlighted geometry is doubled up while dragging. Are you running the latest service release of Rhino (6.6)?

Hello, sorry for delay, i was on holiday. Yes - doubled geometry while dragging. And yes, i have latest SRC.
It`s make only for hatch…

Hello - we’re up to 6.7 now, officially - can you confirm that the bug is still there in the latest? If so can you send a file that shows the problem? ( www.rhino3d.com/upload).


Hello, yes bug is still “active” :slight_smile: I uploaded a file with this problem…

Hello - I have the file, thanks, I’m taking a look.