Rhino 6 Update Error

I get this error on recent Rhino 6 updates. The pop up on the screenshot appears multiple times during the update progress. It happened a few times already.

Hi Martin - and did you restart? Is there any chance that there was a session of Rhino running in the background?


Yes I restarted. I had Keyshot running.

Hi Martin - I’m not sure if that means that you rebooted the PC or just restarted Rhino. You need to reboot.


I just don’t see what this error message is helping me during installation?

It’s only trying to tell you that you need to reboot the PC in order to be able to correctly finish the installation of Rhino. If you don’t reboot, you won’t be able to use Rhino. What do you suggest that should happen?

I’d like to suggest replacing these repetitive popups with just one message at the end of the installation process.

The way I experienced it a few times now, the messages interrupt the installation. It requires sitting and looking at your computer while it is installing software.

OK - so you press OK when that message pops up but then the installation continues?
I haven’t see that behavior before, I don’t think.
Any ideas, @brian?

yes, I click OK on this same message like 5 times during the whole process. They don’t come immediately after each other. Some time in between…

That sounds wrong, haven’t heard of anyone else reporting this. I had one of the restart messages like that happen awhile back, but it was only one message, not multiple. I did need to restart to complete the installation, but that is not the general case here, in fact that’s the first and last time I ever saw it.

Yuck. I’ve seen this one time before. It’s pretty awful. I didn’t recognize it immediately because I can’t read German. If it is like the other customer with this problem, the restart message is coming from the Visual C++ redistributable installer.

Please see if you can download and install this - it may ask you to restart when it’s done.

After installing that, please try installing Rhino again. If that doesn’t work, please browse to your TEMP folder in Windows and direct message me the most recent 6 rhino*.log files in the temp folder.

Did a system restore from my Acronis backup and fresh installation for Rhino 5 and 6. It seems to work again.

Actually that resulted in another problem with some Windows settings and I finally did a complete fresh Windows installation. Fairly interesting, now my SpaceNavigator / SpaceMousePro works without having to dive into their settings everytime…

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