Rhino 6 shut down bug

Rhino 6 often shut down and a crash report appear when I try to open rhino.

It is very annoying because after the crash it is impossible to re-open rhino so I have to switch off the pc


Are you running any plug-ins?
If you disable the Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino and restart, does Rhino crash then?
What Rhino service release level are you running?

I use The last version of rhino and Octane render plugin


this is the windows that appear when I try to re-open rhino

And if you don’t load Octane, can you start and close Rhino without the problem?

This window appears to me shortly before asking if I want to take my license from the last session on another PC.

Do you have internet connection?

Is Rhino allowed to use internet connection?

Yes, I have rhino zoo but the crash seems to be randomly

The crash appear randomly. I have to work with Octane so I can’t switch off octane and wait for the bug. I’m sorry…

Is your connection good?
Slow connections should be able to cause issues as well.

No, internet connection seems very good.

@John_Brock asked you to unload it and disable it to see if you will get the bug. Without complying with that suggestion, you prevent them to understand the source of the issue. Do that a few times restart Rhino and if it doesn’t appear turn it on, if it appears again then the issue is with Octane. You should contact their support.

I sent the crash report so i hope it could help McNeel

Hi John,
I tried to start rhino 6 in safe mode. After a few times rhino crashed. The crash usually appear immediately when I double click on the rhino icon