Rhino 6 Service Release 26 Now Available

Rhino 6 SR26 (6.26.20147) is now available for Windows and Mac.
Rhino will download and offer to install these updates for you, unless you’ve disabled automatic updates.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Update .NET Core tooling to 3.1 (RH-57324)
  • Annotation: Remove 'Cant style an empty string' message (RH-57809)
  • Annotation: DimLinear: Annotation DimLinear: Macro fails with Dim command (RH-58253)
  • Block: Forbids selecting Details in Block Creation (RH-58358)
  • BlockEdit: Export Selected Not Working Correctly from BlockEdit (RH-57697)
  • ClippingPlane:
    • “Fills” don’t seem to be working correctly for Block objects. (RH-49545)
    • No edges on blocks (RH-58069)
  • Display: Blocks can not display clipping plane fills (RH-45930)
  • Eto: The ability to change the font of each item in a DropDown (RH-57614)
  • File IO:
    • Pasting only geometry from Rhino 5 brings along annotation styles (RH-57502)
    • STEP Import makes bad polycurves (RH-57811)
  • Grasshopper: Components: Grasshopper Components: Mesh point inclusion test reports unexpected result (RH-57774)
  • SDK: Brep.CreatePipe does not work on closed curve with kink at start/end (RH-58070)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • SDK RhinoCommon: Repeatable crash accessing RenderMaterialTable (RH-57879)
    • SDK RhinoCommon: Product moments with respect to centroid coordinate system missing (RH-58117)

Crashes Fixed:

  • RhinoCore!CRhDibPrivate::DrawMasked – Access Denied (RH-58307)
  • Eto: System.ArgumentException: System.ComponentModel.MaskedTextProvider…ctor (String mask, CultureInfo culture, Boolean allowPromptAsInput, Char promptChar, Char passwordChar, Boolean restrictToAscii) (RH-58304)
  • File IO: Opening file crashes Rhino (RH-57563)
  • Properties: com.mcneel.rhinoceros.RhCore:-[MRObjectPropertiesBasicSection runScript:] (RH-53180)
  • Toolbar: System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException (0x80004005): System.Drawing.Graphics.CheckErrorStatus (Int32 status)(merge) (RH-51066)

SDK Enhancement:

  • SDK: Added GetGrevillePoints and SetGrevillePoints SDK functions (RH-57814)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • SDK RhinoCommon: Setter for mapping channel object transform (RH-57254)
    • SDK RhinoCommon: Assign material to Brep faces (RH-57389)
    • SDK RhinoCommon: InstanceDefinitionTable.Add override that accepts URL requested (RH-58268)
  • Settings: Allow users or developers to override double-click code for BlockEdit with a setting (RH-57683)

Usability Problems Fixed:

  • Annotation: Dot: Annotation Dot: Properties panel issue (RH-57223)

Mac-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation: Text: Annotation Text: Properties Not Updating (RH-51248)
  • Code Editor: Python: Code Editor: Python: Window goes behind (RH-57475)
  • Eto: MessageBoxDefaultButton has no effect on Mac (RH-57980)
  • Export: Dialog box is not visible (RH-56926)
  • Localization: Rhino 6 in Russian not available (RH-58051)
  • Print: SetFrustum throws ON_ERROR in print dialog (RH-57575)
  • Undo: Does not work properly in sub-node controls (RH-48986)

Crashes Fixed:

  • System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (RH-57658)
  • Eto: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (RH-58031)
  • Grasshopper: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (RH-55121)

Tasks Completed:

  • SDK: RhinoCommon: SDK: RhinoCommon: Update to Mono 6.8, Xamarin.Mac, and .NET Core SDK 3.1.200 (RH-57662)

Windows-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • Core Architecture: Rhino V6 initialization stops after trying to load a V7 file (RH-57247)
  • Eto: Made ButtonSegmentedItem's Enabled property look grayed out when `false' (RH-57696)
  • SDK: RhinoScript: SDK RhinoScript: TextObjectText resets text style (RH-58204)

Crashes Fixed:

  • Eto:
    • PropertiesPage Command: System.InvalidCastException: Eto.Wpf.CustomControls.TreeGridView.TreeToggleButton.OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonDown (MouseButtonEventArgs e) (RH-57161)
    • System.NotImplementedException: System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal (merge) (RH-58129)