Rhino 6 Service Release 28 Available

Rhino 6 SR27 (6.27.20176) is now available for Windows and Mac.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Purge: Deletes block definitions used by custom arrowheads (RH-58901)
  • UserText: Add attribute modification handler for Attribute User Text panel (RH-58329)

Tasks Completed:

  • SDK: RhinoCommon: SDK RhinoCommon: Remove BlockEditCommand from RhinoCommon (RH-59147)

Mac-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • EditPythonScript: Backspace should delete 4 characters (RH-56119)
  • File IO:
    • No multi-page export to PDF (RH-58100)
    • Unable to find a plug-in for this file type (RH-58659)
  • Grasshopper: Save dialog pops up repeatedly when quitting with multiple Rhino and GH documents open (RH-58667)
  • Grasshopper: Components: Grasshopper Components: Animation of slider causes lockup after high number of frames (RH-57982)
  • Preferences: Floating panels on Mac don't get saved in the plist (RH-59280)

Windows-Only Changes

Crashes Fixed:

  • Settings: Crash in persistent settings handling during Rhino start up (RH-59399)