Rhino 6 + scripts "Cut my own ribs" and "Massive unroller"


Does anyone know if the “cut my own rubs” and “massive unroller” scripts can still be used in rhino 6? or if they do not work directly?
for rhino 6 should one use special scripts for rhino 6?

*i try to load them(plugins),… but i receive a message
that Rhino 6,not recognize the command-upload “scripts” ? ??
**Maybe there are others for waflle structures with Rhino 6 ?



If they are actual simple script files - .rvb or .py - most scripts made for Rhino V5 should run in Rhino V6… There are a few exceptions however, notably ones that use rs/Rhino.Command() with Rhino native commands that might have changed between V5 and V6. The script will probably launch in this case but error out somewhere.

If the scripts have been compiled into a plug-in for V5, most likely they will not run in V6, the plug-in will need to be recompiled for V6.

Thanks you !