Moving my stuff to V6

Hi all,

The only way I can test V6 properly is by using it on real work. So i’m ready to move over to use it on my projects (at my own risk, i know).

So what do I need to move again?

  • tools>toolbar layout> myworspace.tb

  • tools>export options> save an .ini fiel with all my settings

  • How do I get my plugins over to V6?

  • How do I get all my scrips in my scripts folder over? Do I have to drag them to my viewport one by one?

(I wish it was a better way, like in Adobe CC, Evernote, Dropbox… where “I JUST login”)



Hi Gustavo-

This is going to be the fly in the ointment- V5 plug-ins will not work…

You can drag load at startup scripts en masse to the V6 window- probably some will need tune ups.


hi Pascal,

no V5 plugins would work? I’m more interest in the friends and family plugins that I collected around the newsgroup or that you guys cooked for me, not commercial stuff.

Scripts… well it’s time to actually clean up house anyway. my scripts folder has 140 items, many of them obsolete or that I have no idea what the do anymore :smile:


Hi Gustavo- actual plug-ins, that is, .rhp files, made for v5 cannot work in v6 as far as I know, but most scripts should continue to work.


I see, and what doe sit take to ‘covert’ a V5 .rhp to a V6 counterpart? or it means a complete rewite?

example: SubVolume.rhp (128 KB)

It would need to be compiled against the V6 sdk, but that is in flux, so the likelihood of the plug-in working on any particular build is very small. Currently there is no tool to compile Python or rvb scripts into plug-ins for v6 anyway; only v5, that I know of.


ok, ok, I’ll wait for plugins. Will start migrating with scripts only. Oh GOD this is sooo stressful. why do you guys change things!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Because you guys keep asking for better tools!


Hi @gustojunk,

one way to make migration of RhinoScripts (rvb) very quick without breaking existing links with V5 is to keep them in one or more folders and just reference these folder(s) under:

Rhino Options / Files / Search Paths / File Search Paths

Then you can use identical toolbar buttons in V5 and V6 to load the same script without any path eg:

! _-LoadScript MyScriptName.rvb

The same can be done using python scripts, just define the searchpaths to modules and scripts in the python editor, eg. open it using the EditPythonScript command. From the menu choose:

Tools / Options / Files / Module Search Paths

If a python script resides in a folder listed there, it can be loaded (and run) with a toolbar button without path:

! _-RunPythonScript


hey gustojunk

have you checked this out?

I’m getting back in the game after not using Rhino in a few years and I’m so glad I started down this path. with about 450 scripts I’ve collected through the years it’s made transitioning from machines so easy.

if you are interested I can send some screenshots and my version of the demand load script to see how I organized it.