Autosave Directory Missing

There have been some rare but disturbing instances of Rhino users in my company not having the default Autosave directory C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\AutoSave upon installation of Rhino 5.

Has anyone seen this before, or know why this might be happening?

In the meantime I’ve advised those who do not have write permissions to C:\ProgramData to set their Autosave directory to somewhere user-modifiable like C:\My Documents.

@Brian, does this sound right? Should there maybe be some plan-b location or something built in to the process?


I agree there should be a different location for autosave files. In fact, C:\ProgramData is not likely writable at all. Instead, we should be writing to the user’s local (not roaming) profile. It should always be writable.

Can you please log a bug for John?


Thanks everyone!