Why is this render so grainy

I’m trying to do a simple render and I can’t get rid of this intense graininess.
It’s a very simple space with a bunch of hanging objects. There are no textures and the materials are embarrassingly basic. There are two point lights and a large rectangular light at the top for some fill.

So why the crazy graininess and what can I do about it?
Any ideas?


I think you have to tweek the Samples Level - in Rendering Options Menu-

Or, you can always install an engine render inside or outside rhino. You have V-Ray (difficult to get good quality for first time user).

Or Artlantis (it is fast and very usable) And it have the export plugin for rhino inside their official website - http://www.artlantis.com/en/downloads/

If you try to make simple Black&White views with shadows, you can always try the -viewcapturetofile (command)… And save a PNG, JPG, TIFF with high resolution… Then go to Photoshop and put some textures. It will be fast and good results.

Although, you have a huge rendering market today. You have to find the best for your knowledge and for you power pc.

Hi Peter - see if removing the rectangular light fixes the graininess - if so, you may want to use multiple less bright rectangular lights to increase the number of samples.


Hi Pascal and Architex,

I will check out Artlantis. It does run on Osx but unfortunately there is still no direct rhino for mac integration. My guess is a rhino for mac plugin is pretty low on most developer priorities list :disappointed_relieved:

I did try both with and without the rectangular light, with no real change.

It seems to me that I need some way to access sampling levels but there is no option to do so…

Still, it is getting better all the time so I’ll keep downloading those new builds…


Artlantis was special design to run on MAC…

Check it. I think you will be pleased. It quick and very accuracy. Just drop JPG (image textures) over solids “et voilá”

(in their oficial web site you have video Tutorials + plugins export, import) for a lots of softwares integrated, included RHINO, SKETCHUP, REVIT, ARCHICAD, etc…

I don’t have your file so I mocked up something similar to test Rhino Render in 5A751.

I don’t have the grain issue you’re seeing so I’m starting to think it’s material related. Notice how the floor in your render doesn’t have the grain. Here’s my file without the hanging trapazoids (since they made the file too large for uploading) for comparison.

RenderTest.3dm (139.2 KB)