Rhino 6 Release Candidate 1 Available

Such a basic thing has to wait for a SR?
Users will be impressed.
Especially when they want to upgrade from V5.


Am I missing something or is there no DevSrf panael?
I do find the DevLoft command but nothing on DevSrf.


DevLoft appears to be the replacement for DevSrf.

Wow I had no idea that functionality was there. Cool.

This per-object display mode bug with curves introduced in V6 is a major problem over here. I really hoped this could be fixed before V6 ships and now I just saw the fix is slated for 7.0 ???
Hope you can reconsider its priority.

The bugs in new functionalities are one thing, but things that worked well in past versions and work no more in V6 IMHO should be high on to-fix list.



I agree and didn’t realize this was a regression. I have moved this bug over to 6.x release target and will investigate.


@Jarek I see that you added an additional bug to the initial bug report. I need to split things like this up into two bugs in our system. Which part is the regression?

Oh, I see - sorry, I thought it is another result of the same bug.
The regression is, currently in V5 when we use SetObjectDisplayMode and assign a mode with XrayAllWires enabled, the curve objects are not Xraying (other object types do xray OK).
I illustrated it here:

Thanks, I’ll probably be able to fix both at the same time. I just needed to know what specific item you were referring to.

FWIW, the original RH-42692 is also a regression!

It’s worth a lot; thanks for letting me know