Rhino 6 Python editor freezing

Rhino 6 python editor is freezing when I want to open any of the method category.

I use the latest build (6.2.18065.11031, 06/03/2018), Win 8.1

Do you by any chance have an Independent IronPython installation? (Please check in the Control Panel)



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

same problem here, no IronPython installation.

I uninstalled IronPython and restarted the pc. Now, it is working. Thanks

Did you check the Control Panel, or assume that you didn’t install it so it’s not installed? Some third-party products install IronPython silently.

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Hi Giulio, yes, it was there, must have been installed silently. It solved the crash. Thanks.


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Hmm… any chance you remember what version of IronPython was installed? I want to try and repeat this so I can verify what I think would fix the problem actually fixes the problem.

It’s gone now, but i believe it was 2.7.3, if it makes sense at all…