Rhino 6 Program is Very Laggy

I’m having trouble running Rhino 6. My viewport has a slow response time for simple tasks such as panning, rotating and drawing. Textmaxspeed resulted in 145s to complete 100 frames. I was using the program without any issues last week, but after a few days the program became unresponsive.


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Sudden slowness makes me think you had a Windows update recently. Make sure you have the latest GPU drivers, Windows updates are known to install wrong versions of them.

@jesterking Thanks. I was looking at other forum topics that discussed the same thing. Prior to my post, I updated the graphics driver. It seems to only be happening on one file in particular.

@jesterking It looks like it is isolated to one layer. On this layer I have a 3d surface that I am trying to mesh for a structural analysis program.

It has been resolved, there were a lot do duplicate lines in the layer causing the problems.