Rhino 6 PDM and versioning management

Hey guys,

I have the following problem and hope someone here can help me out :slight_smile: The company I work for has been working with Rhino from different departments and locations all around Germany for some months now. Thus, we have been looking for a product data management solution or a cloud-based solution.
We want to be able to modify Rhino CAD files from different locations, have proper versioning management, as well as fail-safety management and embed different CAD files into one master file. These embedded files should be possible to be located at different computers independently from the department or location.
We lately have been working with Rhino files saved in Nextcloud folders but have experienced problems when opening them on different computers. They would not load properly. 3dm files having references cannot be properly opened on other computers, even though they access the same Nextcloud drive and thus have the same relative paths. Rhino cannot resolve them, at least for more complex models („stacking“ files with relative paths).
Is there any solution that could help us solve our problem? Searching for one, we just found beta plug-ins such as Octopus PDM which is not feasible in our company structure.
Since our headquarter is moving to another location, now would be the time to bring up a list of required software and hardware for IT management to solve our issue. Setting up a server is possible as well as setting up a virtual machine.

Thanks in advance for everyone willing to help us :slight_smile: Have a good one!

I don’t think Rhino is going to behave well with any PDM software until the embedded files folder issue is resolved.

We have just switched to Solidworks PDM Professional in our orginanisation, and began testing very minimal use of checking in Rhino files (single part per file only, no embedded stuff, no links).

Yes, I don’t seem to find a suitable solution, neither. Thanks for zour reply though.