Central Model workflows for teamwork

Have there ever been any plans for creating central model/local copies workflow for Rhino? It would be great for teams.

Hello - can you describe what this would be like?


It should be possible to open the same Rhino file or “fork” it and be able to merge it later on. It could be the same .3dm, worksession file or a new format.

It should be possible to track changes we make in Rhino document.

Revolutionary - that’s what it would be like.

Out of all the new projects doesn’t any Rhino compute or Rhino Inside provide functionility to facilitate that? Being able to run Rhino headlessly sounded a bit promising.

Any day now…
Any day…

So, you want Git for Rhino? So, 1) that doesn’t require anything in Rhino to actually test out and 2) people have tried and it doesn’t work great. It’s too much data, and meaningfully tracking changes the way you can with source code text doesn’t work. See: all the requests to try to find objects in a model that are “identical” but not identical enough according to how SeldDup works. So it’s going to remain a far-off thing for now for anyone who doesn’t want to custom-build some very specialized solution, though some PDM vaults can manage Rhino files in a very basic generic manner.

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Interesting, thanks. Do you remember which plugin specifically tried that? Also, which PDM vault supports 3dm files? I guess Autodesk?

I still think a centralize rhino model would be a great idea, just wondering if there are any news about the topic?

I gave up

Unless someone wants to spend millions to rebuild the way Rhino works at its most basic core, It’s not gonna happen, sorry, unless you want to hook it up to some existing PDM system that manages access and versioning of individual files in a very basic manner…but that’ll be it, Rhino documents don’t have anything like a part/assembly paradigm that even begins to give you some kind of starting point for more granular control–people have tried, including me, using blocks, that’s just now what they’re for–they’re just a big ball of timey-wimey NURBS stuff.

How about a Worksession | Rhino 3-D modeling (mcneel.com) ?

Worksession isn’t remotely adequate. It needs to be able to reliably manage conflicts between the files. If Rhino won’t support that real collaboration won’t happen.