Rhino 6 - PDF imort - wrong text format / code?

Hello there, I’m trying to import some PDF drawings prepared in AutoCAD LT 2012 (recognised from file properties). There is a lot of text, which is a little imortant to me to keep it in original. Unfortunately, Rhino 6 probably does not understand an original font codes or something like that, because the text has been placed as a randomly composed stream of letters, but without any sense. What is strange in this - some sentences are okay but the most of them look as follows:

Thanks for any suggestion (please note : I’ve updated graphic card drivers up to the newest one, so this is not the issue :slight_smile: ).
Dobe Acrobat Reader DC has no problem:

Also PDF Architect (not Adobe) reads it correct:

Note: The text is not in English of course, but it is MS Windows Arial… nothing special.

Hello - can you post the pdf or send to tech@mcneel.com (if confidential), Please add a link to this conversation in your email.



Hello, I’ve just sent the source PDF and the relevant 3dm file to tech.cupport@mcneel.com and the topic is in progress now.

Hi, this has popped up with my rhino now too. My work-around is to export the PDF as bitmap. Did you find a better solution? Kind regards, Brian