Rhino 6 lines measurements off Help!?

I’m new to Rhino on Windows version. So Im trying to draw a line that is 81" but on a slant, but it wont let me. The straight line reads 81 inches while the slanted line reads 57.28 even after i pressed polyline and entered “@81<135” I angled it at 135 degrees. Why is this happening. Why does the line come out to be 57.28" rather than 81" (what i put in the first place)…Also why are my circles so rigged? (See below) On Macbook they do not look like this…is there a setting where I can make them look nice and curved?

Thanks! lll|354x500

Sorry the last image did not post correctly…

Hi Eliza,

Looks to me like your line actually is 81 inches long as specified (eye up an arc from the 81" horizontal line) but your dimension line is the horizontal distance, not the diagonal length…


I’m still not understanding…Please explain.sorry im very very new to this program. I was shown on Mac but It broke and I’m on windows now

Also, are the curves/circles suppose to look like that on windows (very rugged)? My Mac did not show them like that. They were smooth.


Hi Eliza - use DimAligned or DimCurveLength or Length to find the length of the line.