Rhino 6 level 2 training materials, complaint; make it even better

Hello everyone. I would like to start by saying that Rhino 6 level 1 and 2 training materials are ‘good’. But, to be excellent, I feel it needs to hold your hand (so to speak) the ENTIRE way from start to finish (1st chapter to last). How? By not ever leaving you to ‘do this exercise on your own’. Here are the specific areas that need the most attention I noticed and remembered, from start to… next to last chapter (almost done now).

Within the level 2 training materials for Rhino 6 (5 different things noted):

-exercise 2-3: make a trackball mouse
-‘on your own’ at the end of the ‘applying 2D graphics’ chapter (detergent bottle)
-8. add details if time allows (at the end of the Sculpting chapter, about the car’s dashboard)
-Troubleshooting chapter at it’s end/bottom has a file named check 02.igs that needs to be corrected, which it should have held my hand the entire way but instead left it for me to figure out (extremely basic instructions there)
-‘the finishing touches’ at the end/bottom of the ‘Rendering’ chapter leaves out 2 materials that need to be set (it just shows 4, not the 6 it needs to) which are under Brush>Package>Brush Blister and Brush Board AND it does not tell you that you need to ungroup (please change this to mention this ‘ungroup’ action by menu Edit>Groups>Ungroup)

Of all things, the check 02.igs file was the most annoying thing where it was basically a ‘figure it out yourself’ type of thing… so, took forever compared to what it could have with 2 or 3 methods explained in order to correct it (naked edges and bad objects). And the ‘ungroup’ command/action needing to be done in order to render was the 2nd most annoying thing. A surprise once I figured it out. Well set up Mug.3dm file, but without 100% proper instructions there (just those 2 things left out for that part of the rendering chapter).

Please make future Rhino 6 or 7 training materials better; excellent, not just good. I hope my complaints/comments help to better it.

Level 2 training materials (I’m talking about ALL training materials for all new/current Rhino versions really though): Rhinoceros Help