Errors in Rhino Training Manual Level 1

Rhino Training Manual Level 1

As I work through the Training Manual, I notice a few errors. Also I noticed other errors before page 96, but I didn’t start documenting them until page 96. I will review pages 1-95 after I finish “Level 1Training.

Page 96 – Exercise 33, Line 1: This is the wrong icon for “Connect” the icon shown is for “Fillet Curves”

Page 97 – “To fillet lines using an arc:” this heading is closer to the previous set of instructions than it is to its own instructions (that it is a heading for)…… Add more space (leading) before the heading so that it looks like it is associated with its own instruction copy.

Page 97 - “1. From the curve menu click Fillet Curves.
This is where the icon on page 96 goes (at the end of line 1).

General Error: If you type “FilletCurves” into the command line of Rhino 6 it tells you that it is an “Unknown Command”

Page 102 – The logo used to depict “loft” is an older version than, that which is available in Rhino 6.

Menu entries do not always match typed command names - in general they are more descriptive. FilletCurves is just Fillet. The same goes for a lot of commands in Rhino, the menu item better describes the function, the command line typed command is “shorthand”…

Hi MrPelican,
The version of the manual that you are reviewing is no longer being updated. The WIP version of the new Rhino Training Guides are posted here.

Any review that you are willing to do, should be done on these training guides since we are currently developing on this set. When they are done being translated into all 9 languages, then links will be posted to our web site.

Most exercises in the training guide direct the user up to the Menu and down to the command on the menu. As Mitch said, in this case and others, the menu item is more descriptive than what you type in.

The command is Fillet if you type, but on the menu the corresponding option is “Fillet Curve”, as opposed to “Fillet Surface” which on the Surface menu. This give the users a second chance to confirm the type of fillet that is needed.

We very rarely direct the user to type in the training guide. However, watch the command line, and you can see the command that is enter, and if you prefer to type.

We have made some changes in format and do not show the Toolbar icons. So in the case you mention of Fillet and Loft, we do not show the icon any more. The Help panel will tell you all the options for accessing a command and show what the icon looks like. It will be easier to track it down in a toolbar.

Hope this helps.
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training

@mary Perhaps the “Learning to use Rhino” page on the Rhino3d website should be updated to show the current, not obsolete, Rhino Training Guides. I did not know the page you provide the link to existed.

Thank You, Mary Ann Fugier & Helvetosaur,

For your insight and the links to the WIP version of the Rhino Level 1 & 2 Manuals, and Models.

I like the format and the increased use of diagrams and color to tell the Rhino 3D story.

It makes the learning process a nice visual experience, leading to improved understanding.

Regards, Greg

Hi David,

The Training Guides are developed in English and translated. When you download a training guide off the main web site, you are asked to pick a language. All of these pieces need to be in place, before the website is updated. We also are still in active development of Level 2, it will hopefully go to the translator in early 2019.

If we post the English before the language versions are ready, then we get many questions about the language versions that we have to respond to. So we only post to the main page when all language versions of Level 1 & Level 2 are complete.

I will be working to finish the Level 2 in December. The good news is that we are now developing the training materials in HTML. So we can be more efficient correcting any errors. We also can now produce both a PDF and an HTML version of the guides.

When the guides are done and on the web site, I will post an announcement here on the Forum.
Refer any one to the WIP page for now. It is also accessible from the McNeel WIKI homepage.
Thanks for your patience.

Kind regards,
Mary Ann Fugier

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Hi Greg,

This is very good news. Thank you.

Again, we are developing the training materials in HTML. It is very efficient including lots of colorful images. We can now produce both a PDF and an HTML version of the guides. So everyone will be happy, whatever way they want to learn.

Feel free to email me with any corrections or suggestions that you have with the training guides.

Kind regards,
Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary,

Will this training material be downloadable once it is completed? We don’t allow internet access for most employees, and definitely not for new people who will benefit the most from the new training material.



Hi Dan,
I am confused.

You can download it now …and when it is translated, it will be on Rhino web page for download.
The issue is from where will you download.

Currently you download the WIP of the guides from here.
When all the translation is complete, you will download the final guides from the Rhino Learn web page.

No problem. Download the PDF and Model files on a computer with internet and transfer it to computer without internet internall. There is no requirement for internet with these file.

If a Rhino user likes to use the HTML version online, and he has internet access, then he can use the HTML version. Again, we are trying to make everyone happy.

If you still have a questions, post it for me with additional detail.
Mary Ann Fugier

Thanks Mary.

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