Training material for V8

We have training material for V6 only, even in V7.
Not so good, customers often ask for the reason.

We can say ‘Functionality is far better in V7, but the principles are the same as in V6, bla bla’.

This should change for V8.
For V8 trainings it will be harder to explain why training material from 2 versions behind is used.
There should be up-to-date Level 1&2 training PDFs and sample files.

So please update the training material.
And in other languages as well, especially German.

Hi Charles -
I know that these get updated from time to time.
Can you point me to a specific instance that is outdated?

For V6 Level 1, nothing is really wrong for V7.

Because of the title, people ask why we use old training material.
I understand the questions, and I have an explanation.
Kind of OK so far.


In V8 it will be harder to explain.


Hi Charles,
Look like your Rhino needs updating.
Here is my Rhino 8 WIP:

Here is my Rhino 7:

My guess is that you need to do a complete clean install according to these instructions.

Also open the PDF. Do not reply on this label.
These training guide are for Rhino 6 and later.

They get updated a couple times a year but work with Rhino 6 or later.
These are available for you to use, but are designed to go with instructor-led training.
The User guide is better if you are a completely new user.

Because of all the UI changes, Rhino 8 will need its own set of Training Guides.
But we all wear a lot of hats here, and unfortunately this during the final stages of getting the product out the door, nothing gets done but testing and logging bogs.
When Rhino 8 ships, you will see updates with in the year. You will need to use other training options until them.

Mary Ann Fugier

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Please expand the Level 1 Training Manual node.

Both V7 and V8 are the current versions in here.

That’s what I do with the training manuals.

Rhino is not completely new to me.

When does V8 come out?

This is likely a label bug with German (de) only.
The English version as my images show are devoid of the version, which is the current design.

@Daniel_Wunsch Do you know about this?
I will get it logged for the translators.
I have logged RH-74909. When there is a fix, you will be notified here.

We do not know when Rhino 8 will be done.
But you can keep tack of progress here.on the Serengeti Forum. All the announcement will be made here.


@mary Prior to carefully examining the screen capture you posted I had no idea there was a separate panel/tab for Tutorials vs Help. I have always used the Rhino - Learn to Use Rhino ( web page and referred others to it. The web page dropped the Level 2 Training link a while back so I thought it had been discontinued. Perhaps the web page could be updated.

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Hi David,
Good to hear that you find the panel useful.
For teaching, it is wonderful to have the PDF and 3DM’s from the publications available to Windows or Mac on the Panel…

Tutorials is also a command.
You can type it in and it will open/make it active.

The Level 2 was purposefully made more difficult to find.
I am afraid that that this was by design.
The User guide and Level 1 are really important to do first.
And many users kept getting frustrated with the Level 2, and had to be turned back to the Level .

There is also the “project based learning” PBL Getting Started collection for Windows and for Mac that we record as live sessions are also 2hrs or less projects for new users.

You will find the Level 2 Manual on the “Rhino for Windows” panel, but you will need to scroll down.

Mary Ann Fugier

Tried in English UI…
You are right:
Looks much better as in German.

Also the PDF (1st page):
Revised RH6/RH7:3/2/2023

In (de-de):
Revision: RH60-TM-L1 02.09.2020

That is a bit more than just a different label.

This is a label issue:


I tried my best to get the training material issue fixed, i.e. I updated the training guide, fixed the typo in the Was_ist_Rhino (.3dm) model and uploaded it all in, as well as in the corresponding Rhino 6, 7 and 8 folders in CloudBerry.

As a result, in the Tutorials panel of the German WIP, the correct files display alongside the erroneous or old ones, while in Rhino 7 the correct files don’t display at all, even after updating Rhino to the latest build. @mary maybe they change with the next Service Release?

@Charles sorry for the inconveniences.

I have a last round of updates to finish and check in for the Rhino 7 Training Guide.
I will let you and Noemi know when they are done, so they can be translated.

As soon as I can we will branch for Rhino 8 and start typing there.
I have been feathering this will all the Rhino 8 work and tech support. So sorry for the delay.

I will post here when the I have checked in the file Rhino 7 TG updated.
My goal is by August 29. We can see if it help. But there will be some final translation work to do.

Thanks again @Joachim_Kuntz & @Daniel_Wunsch

No worries @mary The delay was mine in the first place, since it took me three months to handle the task assigned to me.

My question, on the other hand, remains unanswered: what can/must be done so the correct files (and only they) display in Rhino’s Level 1 & 2 panels?

Good to know there is progress.

We’re at it, @Charles

Hi @Charles,

thanks to a change recently made by @brian, the Rhino 8 tutorials panel displays OK now. Rhino 6 & 7 are soon to follow.

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