Rhino 6 Issues

Couple of things
I created a rounded rectangle, I try to extrude the curve, in the corners the newly formed extrude doesn’t go around the corner smoothly. Never happened in Rhino 5.

Rendering in Flamingo hangs up after maybe the second pass, I reloaded drivers last night, no help

This sounds simply like your mesh settings - can you post a file that shows this? Here it looks fine with the default mesh settings…

@Helvetosaur, thanks for responding…can you expand on that like where would those setting be? I’m a bit self-taught and certainly DO NOT know where settings should be set at. I just upgraded to Rhino 6 the other day. I also am not at my Rhino computer so I can’t post up a file until this evening.

The issue occurs on the two smaller portlights near the front of the boat just like you’ve modeled in your example.

Hi - In Document Properties > Mesh change the setting from Jagged and faster to Smooth and slower.
Does that help?

Hi @wim,

In some cases even Smoth and slower doesn’t produce good results.

And that’s why the detailed control exist!

For many, but clearly not all, the two named settings work well.

For the cases that aren’t well served by the two named mesh settings, the Detailed controls are available.

:slight_smile: last time I tried to play around with these settings I crashed Rhino.

There isn’t enough information on what result does each of the parameters change. What is the range of each parameter?

Start with the detailed description in the Help file.

This FAQ has more detail too:

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I like this part the best: :smiley:

Other meshing problems and possible solutions

Sometimes, you may find that even with the settings guidelines above, you are still not getting good results. The meshing in Rhino 5 was completely rewritten and in most cases produces much better results than earlier versions, but it may not handle all cases perfectly. Meshing is being continually improved. If you find meshing problems you can’t resolve, please report them on the Rhino support forum or send them to McNeel tech support.

Meshing was improved for V6 too, and there is ongoing work for better meshes in V7.

I wonder when you say “Improving” do you mean compatible with all sorts of video cards?

The Wiki article is out of date - I’ll have a look at “improving” that too… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OK, I updated the page with a few minor changes (since 2013!) to reflect that development is ongoing. Let me know if there is anything that needs to be added.

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Not specifically, no.
Improving in the sense that the mesh does a more accurate job of approximating the NURBS surfaces it was based upon.