Rhino 6 Grouping Question: Is there a way to group items, and name the group while retaining the names of the items within the group?

In Rhino 6, when you group items and you name the group, it overwrites the names for all of the individual parts in the group with the group name. Is there some way to change this behavior so that it saves the names of all the parts in the grouped assembly even when you name the group? (Which is how it works with most other applications?)

Ideally, I would like to be able to design an assembly in Rhino, name each of the parts, group that assembly and then export it to 3Ds Max or Maya and be able to pull that assembly in and have it then be a standard 3Ds Max group that I can then open, work on and then close… while all of the individual parts retain their Rhino names.

Is there a setting somewhere to make this happen?


Hi Derik - this should certainly not be the case inside Rhino- it is not, here. It may happen on export - there are settings in OBJ export that are meant to deal with naming etc.


Hi Pascal,
Well, I don’t know what to tell you, but I have the most recent version of Rhino 6 installed, and if you look at the attached images, you can see me doing the following:

I have three boxes drawn in Rhino
I name them box_01, box_02, and box_03 respectively
I select all three of them and group them.
The screen shows that the group has the name (varies)
I change the group name to boxes
and then I ungroup them…

and what do you know… all three boxes are now called… boxes… not box_01, box_02, and box_03

So any ideas?

I am on a PC, just built the system over the holidays, so everything is brand new and up to date.


01|638x500 !
02|638x500 !
03|638x500 !
04|638x500 !
05|638x500 !

Hi Derik - if you are changing the ‘Group name’ in the Properties panel, then you are acting on the objects not the group - that is, the group name is not what is shown. To set the name of the group, use SetGroupName. This name does not show up in Properties.


Seems like it would be easier, and more obvious if it worked through the Properties panel.


Hi Derik - the thing is, objects can be in multiple groups - Properties is really specifically at the object level.


Oh… I didn’t know that. Well I will have to read up on that and figure out how to apply it correctly. Thanks… (so much to learn… uhg! LOL)

Think of groups in Rhino as selection sets.


Hi Pascal,
I hate to be a pain in the **s, but is there a way to display the group name in the properties menu? Or more importantly, is there a menu or readout somewhere that shows you a list of groups in the scene and their name? I don’t see a group panel…

You know, actually Pascal. I just realized something, and I will have to apologize up front and tell you that even though I have been a graphic designer for 25 years (Adobe, Adobe, Adobe, you get the drift), I have only been working with Rhino on a somewhat limited spare time basis (still doing graphic design primarily), and at the same time learning 3D Studio Max, Maya, and Houdini at the same time… for about a year and a half now, so I am extremely green on some of this stuff… so pardon my potentially stupid questions. So where this is all going is…

I just noticed that in Rhino, I don’t see an obvious way to have a listing of all of the items in your scene. Which is funny, because I have been doing a lot of work in 3D Studio Max lately, trying to figure out how to get my model designs out of Rhino and into 3Ds Max for animation (and how to get them transferred over as quad meshes as much as possible–which if you have any advice on that, I would ooooh so love to hear, especially about generating quad based meshes.). At the moment I am trying out some software that allows you to bring your Rhino NURBS file directly into 3Ds Max as NURBS. So I am working my way through testing that out to see if that ultimately does what I want. But I digress… anyway in 3Ds Max, it is the other way around, your primary listing is of the items in the scene, with a listing of layers being something you have to dig for.

So is there an ‘objects’ panel in Rhino which lists by name all of the objects in your file/scene? (This at the very least would be a good way to check for continuity on your naming conventions throughout…)

And one other quick comment… I use the Box Edit panel quite a bit as I am used to typing in the measurements, dimensions, distances, etc. that I want to apply that way. I notice that the box edit panel is kind of buggy and doesn’t update very well. Also, it would be interesting and, at least for me, useful to have a similar interactivity to that of Adobe Illustrator especially in aligning things. For example in Adobe Illustrator you can select several different items, and apply alignments in the same fashion as in Rhino, but in Illustrator you can select several items, and then click again on one of the currently selected items… this puts a thicker outline around the ‘double’ selected item and then if you apply transitions or alignments or set spacing, etc. the base point for the transition/adjustment is the double selected item. (I hope this makes sense… if you don’t have a graphic designer around I would be more than happy to join a web-based meeting where I could share my screen and show you.) And I realize that Adobe Illustrator is 2D primarily, I think if you added an axis button in the panel for the transitions and alignments (so the computer would know which axis the alignment/spacing/arraying should occur upon. But once that is established I think it would work the same.\

Side note: You realize I am hoping that you don’t come back and tell me it’s something really simple that was on page one of the manual… and the lead in to every training video you’ve ever done… LOLOLOLOLOL

Hi Derik - see if SelGroup helps. Please start a new thread with your Align questions.


Damn it! Thank you…