Keep individual groups after make2D

I have a group with 3 polysurfaces objects and 1 text dot.
I have let’s say like 20 groups that are like that.
After make2D runs the initial grouping gets lost, best it can do it give you 3 groups with “1” object in each, it will no longer have all 4 objects grouped up as previously?
Is there any workaround where I can still retain the original grouping?

Maybe there is a way to run make2d inside of python with extra functionality?
I need it working on windows rhino6.

Hi @mikhail, if you name your objects per group or assign UserText to the attributes of the object(s) per group, the info is preserved if the option “From input objects” is chosen from below the Object properties section in the _Make2D dialog. After the command is done, you could use that and re-create new groups based on that.


clement Thanks for the suggestion!