Rhino 6 for Windows - Evaluation behaviour

I have installed the 6 ev version.
Problem is that every time I startup it has shattered and spread out the toolbars I carefully arranged and hotkey and other settings are gone. Rhino also starts in a small window.
In short it is pretty unusable to work with.
Is this the way the Evaluation version works? Or have I something going on here?
Rhino 5 works just fine.

Does it help if you start as Administrator once?

Nah, I run my system as administrator anyway and it is not some settings that are gone, It is a total clean-out/reset all filepaths, last used files,all settings done in “options” are gone. As well as filepath to saved workspace.

Q: Is this the normal behavior of the evaluation or is it something wrong here?
It is about the 6 evaluation version I must point out.

So have you tried what wim / Pascal say? Running Rhino as administrator is completely different thing from what you talk about.


is there any other way than choose “run as administrator”?

If you know can you confirm that this is not the evaluation versions behavior.
Not saving any settings on exit, that is.

There isn’t any difference at all between an evaluation and the commercial (or educational) version - other than the evaluation expiring. So, no, this is not the way it should behave.

@e_157 does your problem look like mentioned in Rhino 6: Settings continuously reverted back to default ?

The user of starting the thread mentioned that his Windows start/search bar didn’t work properly either, no hits whatever typed. My understanding is that he essentially told his Windows to rebuild the index. After letting the machine do its thing for a while his settings-saving problem magically went away…

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I run win 7 x64pro and the problem is identical. Change background color in option and it changes.
Close options dialogue and it revert back. I can only type one letter in the “help” tab search box and then I have to click in the box to type another one.
After knowing it is not an evaluation limitation I uninstalled - rebooted - installed as admin - rebooted - run as admin no change. All with my firewall, VPN etc turned off.
I tried to rebuild windows index as suggested, no changes.
I have no problem with other programs what so ever.
I’m out of ideas.
For the record the big green license mark seems to indicate it is not a licensing thing.
rhino_en-us_6.1.18037.13441 is the build.

What languages have you got installed on your computer Erik?
(I have 3 different languages… which might be something with the issue.)

English windows, US locale. I have tried to do another uninstall - install with the option of download files locally and run the bootstrapper.exe file. And local license. No difference.
Tonight I’m going to try install to another folder outside C:Program Files. But I can’t help thinking that there is something fishy going on with the installer or program. A small bug somewhere. Since this is a Rhino 6 only problem.


My problem also popped up for Rhino 6 specifically.
I guess i should also mention that it was after installing version “6.2.18038.4101” and trying to fix the problem , that it all suddenly worked.

I downloaded the latest release candidate: rhino_en-us_6.2.18038.04101 same as you have.
But it did no difference. I tried install to C:\Rhino and deleting all settings files I could find in AppData.
I can draw, model and save files but nothing is saved in settings/options, history or file paths, it instantly resets on dialogue close. I also have v-ray and Penguin on my system but as they never showed up in 6 I don’t think that is an issue.

I gave up, uninstalled and postponed upgrade until at least SR1.
Anyway thanks for input.


We are still investigating this issue. We haven’t been able to reproduce on our systems as of yet, but we keep trying!

It was a locale bug, English OS but different locale in windows. It is sorted thanks to Andy.
Later builds works fine.