Rhino6 doesn't start after uninstalling R7 evaluation


I have been using R6 for many years till I decided to have a llok at R7 evaluation.
Unluckily,R7 crashed each time I tried, so I uninstalled it.
Right after R6 doesn’t start anymore, I checked my license at Rhino Account and disable the R7 evalto be sure of no conflict but nothing better…
Help :confused:

If you go to Windows Programs, find Rhino 6 in the list, right click and choose “Change” and then in the dialog that comes up punch the “Repair” button - does that fix anything?

Thx for reply , but I can’t find that “change/repair” button

Seems to be solved, after uninstalling R7 eval that crashed every single time…
I right clic R6 icon and execute as admin, it seems to work fine.

Hope it’s ok