Upgrade Mac license to Rhino6

As I understand the discount on upgrading Rhino5 to Rhino6 will expire on May 15. I have a license for Rhino5 for Mac and want to upgrade it to Rhino6. However this upgrade is not available now. Will a similar discounted upgrade for a Mac license be available at a later date? Or do I need to buy the upgrade for Rhino6 before May 15 to take advantage of the discounted price even though the Mac OS version is not available yet?

I’m in the same situation and have been wondering about the same thing…


No. (according to Bob)

Yes, that’s about the size of it.


Hmmm, that’s what I originally thought. It seems a bit strange though, to have to pay for something that isn’t even available / for sale… or is the intention to get V6 out before May 15? :wink: I’m not complaining (will upgrade in any case), just wondering.


I just contacted my local reseller and have ordered the upgrade. Of course I am always happy to support McNeel. But I’ve never seen a policy like this before where you pay for software before it’s available or even have a confirmed release date.

Well, nobody’s actually obligating you to buy anything… You just bought a V6 license which is fully valid for available and functioning software - on the Windows platform.

The fact that V6 is not yet available for Mac yet is clearly stated, as a buyer you have a choice between investing now in a future release - which is almost certain to happen barring some major catastrophe - in order to save some money (20%), or to be absolutely sure, wait until it actually released and pay a slightly higher price… The choice is yours.

Sure Mitch, all well understood and no big deal. My comment is not a complaint at all, but I hope all Mac users understand this clearly.