Rhino 6 for Mac Grid snap

I cannot find out how to turn off grid snap in Rhino 6 Beta for Mac. I have to turn the grid snap spacing to a 1000th of an inch in order to get smooth movment on move or gumball. Rhino for windows has a simple gridsnap toggle on the bottom control bar, the mac one is either burried or I can’t find it.




also, the command Snap will toggle it.

Thanks, I use rhino with the windows view style and that isn’t there on that one. But the snap command works perfectly thanks.

i don’t have the top toolbar showing either so i had to make it visible for that screenshot :wink:

it’s not a Preferences setting… it’s in your View menu.

View-> Show/Hide Toolbar

edit— oh, Windows style Theme? yeah, i’m not sure about the toolbar with that preference… i’ll look at it a little later

edit 2-- yeah, same thing regardless of Theme Preference… show or hide the Toolbar via the View menu.