Rhino 6 export to AI layer issues

When I export linework to adobe illustrator, version 5 would preserve the line layers, version 6 is not giving me that option!!! What do I do?

As a work-around, have you tried exporting to the PDF format?

(I don’t have Illustrator to check… but a simple file saved to the ai format seemed to round-trip Rhino to Rhino without problems).

Hi Jordan,

Can you send me the model you’re exporting to AI along with the settings you’re using? Output from V5 and V6 would be handy but is not necessary.

The AI export code, to my knowledge has changed minimally, if it has changed at all between 5 and 6 so it would be good to see what’s going on here.


Has a solution to this problem been found? I also would like to export curves from rhino to Illustrator keeping layers and layer colors separate like you could do with older versions of rhino. This is one of the main ways that I have exported from rhino in the past, but cannot get rhino 6 to do this for me after trying all of the various settings.

Hi - it doesn’t look like Tim received the information he requested. If you are able to provide that information, he should be able to take a look at this issue. Thanks!