Exporting from Rhino to Illustrator


I am trying to export my floorplan lines from rhino into illustrator to annotate and poche the plans. When I am exporting from Rhino to Illustrator my floorplan lines get super messy. Some of the lines get deleted and some of the curves change shape. It is very strange. I have tried just about every type of exporting option. I got it to work once when the lines weren’t super messed up but I wasn’t able to use the live paint command in illustrator. I have also tried to make my drawing 2D in rhino and that messed up the file. I have attached a copy of my rhino file and some pictures of things that happen when I export.

Second Floor Plan.3dm (8.0 MB)


I was importing texts as well. After I deleted all of the text I was able to fill in Illustrator and none of the lines were messed up.

Hi Alyssa,
Just out of curiosity, are you working with V5 or V6?

I am working with v5

Have you tried using layouts in Rhino ? Unless you have a specific reason for exporting to illustrator ?

Well, in this case, you should give a try to rhino 6 (at least to see the difference): the illustrator output has been improved and you won’t get “potatoïd” shapes anymore.

Doesn’t export as .ai works ? and even if it doesn’t one can print pdf and keep the layers structure.