Rhino 6 Question "turn on and off control points when highlighting a curve"

Is there a way to turn off (and then back on) control points when highlighting a curve in Rhino 6? In small, crowded curves I sometimes snap to the control point instead of the curve.Otherwise I like this new feature a lot.

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Hello - this is controlled in Options > Mouse page > ‘Selecting’


Thank you

Could this be added to the -options mouse “options” so we could macro an on off button please?

Hi Jorgen - it’s in there - a bit deep, under SelectionAndMiddleMouseButton

! -_Options _Mouse _SelectionAndMiddleMouseButton _PointsOnObjectSelect=Yes/No



Oh… When I saw “…MiddleMouseButton” I didn’t click on it… :smiley: My bad!

Was just about to ask for this. Thanks so much