Rhino 6 crashing like crazy since windows 11 update today... help!

Don’t install today’s windows. Im in the process of trying to revert to the prior windows 11.

Update: reverting has not worked. Not sure what to do now other than to reinstall Windows entirely which I dont want to do. Any one encountered this issue and reswolved it?

This is a big problem as Im at work and cant spend half a day reinstalling everything. :frowning:

It’s also seems to be crashing 7 & 8, but for me the crash happens at start up if I click on a recent file to open.
If I let rhino start up then I open the file then it doesn’t crash.

Mine is crashing even after a rhino reinstall. Doesnt matter if I open rhino first and then the file…still crashing.

Hi -
I’m not seeing any crash reports from either of you. Is the crash reporter popping up when Rhino crashes?

Have you tried reinstalling the GPU drivers with the “clean install” option?

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No but I will now.

Thanks Wim. A “clean reinstall” of the nvidia driver helped. In case anyone else has this problem, follow these instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF9aWp6W7JA

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