Rhino 6 crashes when launching Grasshopper

with all the previous wip release of Rhino 6, and with the latest just donloaded, I was never able to use Grasshopper.
When I launch Grasshopper from the icon Rhino crashes.
It happens when just opened Rhino without any file open in Rhino.
Any known issue?


What icon? I launch Grasshopper by typing “grasshopper” in the Rhino command line.
P.S. Oh, it’s a feature exclusive to Rhino 6, sorry.

Is there a crash report dialog? If so, please send in the report, it may contain information useful to tracking this down.
If there’s some other error message that pops up, please let us know what it reads.

Hello Joseph,
this icon


Hello David,
ok I sent the report two or three times today from the automatic Rhino crash message.
I attach also the two crash dump files here.
Thank you.

RhinoCrashDump.rar (14.5 MB)


Ok I see one that’s probably it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have any helpful information. It does appear that it’s crashing in the loading of Grasshopper plugins. Can you run the _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings command without problems and show me which folders are considered during loading?

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no problem in running the _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings command
This is the screenshot

Ok, so it seems you’re loading a bunch of non-standard libraries. It would be good to know if one of them is causing the crash vs. a standard one. To test this you’ll have to rename all *.gha files in the directories c:\DIVA\64bitPluginFiles\ and c:\DIVA\64bitPluginFiles\ArchSim to have a different extension, for example *.notgha.

Those two folders should disappear from this list once they no longer contain any gha files. If it still crashes, I guess you’ll have to do the same for C:\Users\Francesco\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries\.

Why do the DIVA folder start with a lower-case c drive? That’s weird? Do you actually have two different C drives?

Thank you for the suggestion.

Ok I will try renaming the gha files first in the 2 DIVA folders.

In case I have to rename the files also in the standard “Libraries” folders they are a lot
can I just rename the folders?

No I have only one C drive.

Yes you can probably also rename the folder. Just make sure it’s really gone using GrasshopperDeveloperSettings.

Do note that the roaming folder will be recreated, but if you renamed the old one, you should just get an empty new one.

Hello David,
I worked out file by file and I did found the critical .gha file. It is the DIVA.Daylight.Classic.gha
located in the main Grasshopper\Libraries folder.
It is an old version of the DIVA for Grasshopper plugin so no problem to eliminate it since the
new plugin version 4 is installed as well.

Best regards,

Thanks. Glad it was something fixable. Would have loved to find out what the problem was, but based on your submitted crash report it looked really gnarly.

Well it took very little time at the end.
Thank you ahain.

@DavidRutten I just upgraded to Rhino 6 and I am having the same issue. I’ve included the Rhino Crash Dump as well as a screenshot of my GH Developer Settings window. Following previous posts, I was able to eliminate DIVA as a source of this issue, but I’m not sure how to proceed.


RhinoCrashDump.3dm (17.1 KB)