Osnap panel open but not displayed

@John_Brock Think I’ve found out what triggers my problem with the Osnap toolbar closing. If I use Rhino at home on my laptop, the next day I get the dialog telling me the license was used on my laptop and the bar doesn’t show. Seen this a few times now.
Here’s a screengrab from this morning this is using the release candidate 6.3.

Thanks Mark

We have the issue with the Osnap toolbar not showing on most of the installs here, and it’s happening without sharing the license with another computer. It happens on stand-alone installs, and on those pulling the licenses from the Zoo. In fact, I’m the only one using the cloud license and I get it occasionally too.

Just to be clear, this is not the same issue as the filter and osnaps swapping sides. That’s a bigger problem IMHO.



Thanks for the additional information.
Hopefully this will lead to discovery of the trigger.

I went to add the new details to the YT item and couldn’t find it, so I made another one:

I also split this into a new thread since it is a different problem than the panels swapping position.

Could be this -

Looks like John has it queued up.


I would link them in YT but I’ll probably break something.
I’ll leave that for @JohnM

I figured out what is going on regarding object snap visibility persistence and am in the process of checking in a fix.


Superb, thanks - s’been making me nuts!