Rhino 6 with no VRay workaround

Hi all.

We already have Rh6 in the office and would like to exploit its modelling capabilities, but the lack of VRay is a little set back.
I thought (and tested it with some success) of the following workflow as a workaround.

  • Setup layers with corresponding VRay materials in a Rh5 file.
  • Open the file in Rh6 and model. Save file in Rh5 version.
  • Open new file and set the work in progress file inside it as a work session.
  • Render in this Rh5 session and keep modeling in the Rh6.
  • Any change in the modell can be updated to the Rh5 session.
  • In the Rh5 the assignment of the materials to the layers can´t be changed as it is a worksession, but any change made in the material will be applied to the render.

At the end is almost like using the Rh5 like a standalone renderer…

Anyone got a better solution while VRay comes out?

Nope, but hopefully in two weeks time it will be over.

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V-Ray 3.60.02 was just released. Rhino 6.2 support included!
Download is available at http://download.chaosgroup.com/

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino, QA

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