Rhino-6 and Rhino-7 display mode differences

Hello people. I’ve found that there are display mode differences between rhino-6 and rhino-7.
This is the shaded mode in rhino - 6

In the left site if mesh on the right side is a nurbs. This one is the rhino-7 Left side mesh, right nurbs.
Why do I have mesh lines when it is shaded mode in rhino-7?
Also, When I am pressing this button button I got nurbs curves looks like mesh in rhino-6 without lines and looking good , and if I want to print it lines appears again. When I press this button 1 time, nurbs curves looks good without lines and I have to choose some properties of shaded view, if I press “enter” mesh lines appears again.
What to do? thank you in advance

Hello - most likely one or the other if not both versions have non-default display modes - you can reset them to defaults in Options >View Display Modes > Mode., and you can also edit the setting as needed to get the display you are after.


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Thank you very much, Pascal!