Different colours in display modes

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I used to color a mesh in a Visual Studio node like this: myMesh.Value.VertexColors.CreateMonotoneMesh(clr); The mesh color was consistent across the Shade and Arctic display modes in Rhino 6. Nevertheless in Rhino 7, (for the same code) I have different graphic results in relation with the display mode.
Please have look the image below.
Left: Shade mode, Right: Arctic mode:

I think I’m missing something new in the way to display colours in Grasshopper. Any clue ill be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

If you test this snipped in R6 and R7 in arctic mode you will see different results.

test color.gh (17.8 KB)


Hello Everyone,
Can anyone give me hint bout this issue please?

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@DavidEranen did we change how we pay attention to vertex colors in arctic mode in V7?