Rhino 6.9: no *.3DMBAK files and sometimes *.stlbak-files?


I wonder, why I get no *.3DMBAK files, when activated:

Another customer question is here, why sometime Rhino 6 writes stlbak files, sometimes not:



Hey Michael,

As far as I have experienced Rhino will not write an .stlbak file if the .stl file does not already exist; but it will any time an already saved/named .stl file is overwritten…

Make a box, Export it out to the desktop as xxx.stl
No .stlbak file will appear

Select the box, Export again, use the same file name as before, answer yes to the “overwrite” warning…
You will see an .stlbak appear.

@tim - is this expected, that an stlbak file is left on disk when exporting?


…so how do you overwrite without creating the .stlbak file?