Exporting .stl / overwrite existing makes .stlbak files on server?

We keep a lot of stuff on our server, and I was surprised at this behavior, I didn’t see this with V5 with .stl files. I have a scripted export routine that saves an.stl with pre-set settings, and as it uses the dash version of the command, it automatically overwrites an existing .stl with the same name in the same directory without the user warning.

With V5, this worked fine, with V6, I see I am getting .stlbak files in the same directory when I overwrite. I assume this is the same mechanism as the .3dm/.3dmbak file saving procedure - but which I have turned off…

OK, now I also see something with the .3dm files on our server, if I have a file open and I hit Save, it doesn’t create the .3dmbak file - as I have backup creation turned off - but if I hit SaveAs and use the same file name to overwrite, once I accept the warning message, a .3dmbak file is created.



Hi Mitch - checking, thanks.
Yeah… it looks like the bak is written on overwriting a file - I’d never noticed this either…
@tim - do you have an idea? Is this expected for non-3dm fle formats?


I have noticed this behavior with our scripted routines to export out 2D geometry to .dwg format. When a file is overwritten in V6 it creates a .dwgbak file, however in V5 it didnt. This seems like a V5 regression issue to me.

Just as @Helvetosaur noted above, i have my .3dmbak option unchecked, and i cant seem to find any setting in the export options for .dwg

Hello - I am pretty sure this has been fixed - I cannot locate the bug item right now, so I could be wrong but I think I tested this recently.


It looks like the original YT item (RH-50560) is still open but this duplicate item (RH-52553) was fixed and tested and is in 6.16.

This setting has been changed to apply to all file formats and to apply to both saving and exporting:

Edit - further testing shows that this issue is fixed for both Save and Export but not for SaveAs. Comments added in the original YT item.

So are you saying that this issue has been fixed in 6.16?

If you are using Export, then yes. If you use SaveAs, then no.

This is now also fixed for SaveAs in the latest in-house build of 6.16.
Unchecking “Create backup files when saving or exporting” will now make sure that *.*bak files are never created.

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