Rhino 6: 3DMBAK option off, but still 3DMBAK files


I’ve got the complaint that also Rhino 6 writes 3DMBAK files, even when the option is off:

Any ideas?



Hi Michael - It doesn’t behave like that here, so we’ll need more information about the circumstances.
Is he saving to the local disk or some network (dropbox, …)?
Which Rhino version are we talking about (SystemInfo)?

CC: @brian

Hi Wim,

I will ask him about more details in my forum. The answer is:

  • Rhino 6 SR11
  • when he saves, or exports on an intern server (no cloud or local savings).



Thanks for that, Michael!

A bit more information on how Rhino saves a file:

Could you also ask if that also happens for a new file that, for example, only has 1 single line? This problem might have something to do with the size of the file and the speed of server synchronization.

Hi Wim,

original: Ja es ist auch bei kleinen Dateien so. Es passiert immer, wenn eine Datei im Netzwerk oder lokal, wie ich eben noch mal ausprobiert habe, überspeichert wird. Egal ob es Rhino selbst ist oder ein Export in ein anderes Format aus Rhino. Jedes Mal wir dann ein 3dmbak angelegt. Selbst lokal ist das dann so.

and here my translation of his last answer: Yes, also for small files, when he overwrites on the network or even on a local drive. This is for 3dm files and other file-types.



Hi Michael,
I’ve done some more digging on this now. The thing with *.—bak files being written when overwriting during export has been reported several times and that should be considered to be a separate issue.

That is, I now found a report by @Helvetosaur where he writes that a *.3dmbak file will be created when an existing file is being overwritten as well.

So, now the question is if the user somehow uses SaveAs and then uses the same name, thus overwriting the existing file? Is he using a custom shortcut, a button, a German version that somehow doesn’t save but savesAs?

Customer answer: Nein ich nutze keine eigenen Shortcuts. Ich nutze die englische Version. Es passiert immer wenn man saveAs drückt bei save ist es nicht so. Wie ich sagte, immer wenn eine Datei von Rhino überspeichert wird, also der selbe Dateiname überschrieben wird.

My translation: no shortcuts, english version, and it happens after saveAs, not save. When he overwrites an existing file.

OK - that explains it then.
I’ve filed this as RH-50560.

Yep, happened every time I re-saved an existing file on the school server (not local). Doesn’t happen locally, nor when I save to a Dropbox folder (which is local, actually).

Hmmm… When I test SaveAs and overwrite a 3dm file on the local disk, I do get the 3dmbak file, even though the setting is disabled in options.

RH-50560 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate.

Hello to everyone,
Is there any way to save the 3dmbak file in a specific location, as we can do for the autosave? I cannot see this option.