Export .bak files


When I export my files from Rhino as .STL and then later change something and re-export with the same file name, over the old export, a .stlbak file is automatically created. I don’t have any use for these files, so I would like to disable them. I have searched the settings and the forum, but only found an old topic on a similar issue, which doesn’t include a solution…
Does anyone know how I can disable these automatic .bak files?


Short answer: you can’t. Not for the moment anyway. I don’t think anything has been done about this, reported it a while back here:

Ah that’s too bad… Hopefully it will be solved soon, because it’s quite annoying to have to delete the files all the time.

Thanks for the reply and the link to your topic. I somehow missed it when I was searching the forum.

Yep. @pascal, @tim any ideas?

Hi Mitch, Anne - yeah… thanks for the reminder - I do not have an idea, myself - I did see this pointed out, probably by Mitch, and I dropped the ball looking into it - hopefully, Tim can help- that’s who I’d have asked anyway.