Justified Text: What you see is NOT what you get

Why does the component fail to bake the text in the provided locations? Attached is a definition that provides a repeatable example. All baked text is uncontrollably offset.

This problem occurs when using Human 2018-02-06. The workaround isn’t so bad. Select all and move into position. Just annoying.
Updating to Human 2019-08-05 has a similar but different issue. The positioning appears correct but it screws up the given text size!

Justified Text Position Bug.gh (7.7 KB)

Human 2018-02-06

Human 2019-08-05

Justified Text Position Bug 3

Rhino 7 on Windows 10


I think this post may allow some deeper digging:

If Model Space Scale in the Rhino Style or Text Properties is set to 1 mm then the text bakes at this scale and ignores the text “Size” in the component.


I am having the same problem. Anyone come up with a solution?